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There is eternal life for the unsaved


Jesus without religion!

This website or its materials don’t intend to get converts to any religious organization or religious group. They are just about Jesus and His words. 

Spirituality without traditions

The materials are based in the teachings of Jesus, without any of the Christian traditions, ceremonies or rituals generated through the centuries by countless religious groups.

Free ebooks (the basics)

These two wonderful ebooks -Jesus My Gospel and Freedom in God’s Spirit- are both yours for the taking and without any obligation whatsoever. Don’t miss them! Polish your basics on the teaching of Jesus about salvation, Heaven and eternal life. Discover freedom and love in Jesus’ words and life!  

Free go-deeper ebooks

Eternal Life For The Unsaved: Can non-Christian (even non-religious people) receive eternal life outside of Heaven?

And are those who are saved by grace (and going to Heaven) exempt from any further consequence from sins committed willfully and knowingly after salvation? Check out the answers to these -and many more- hot questions!

Talk With Jesus: Learn how to talk with the Lord and especially how to listen to Jesus’ special words for you. Discover why Jesus wants to communicate with you directly and how simple it all can be.   

About Juseb Torie

Juseb is an indie Christian author who chose to write and work anonymously to protect his writing and opinions from some of the pitfalls of institutionalized Christianity. He claims that his books are neither 'politically correct', nor produced to raise financial support or become bestsellers, nor to try to justify pet-peeves or flaws of religious organizations or religious leaders. (Juseb is not trying to promote himself as a religious leader either).

In our view -his editors-, Juseb's books offer an independent view of the scriptures, free from denominational restrictions and free from the main divisions of Catholic-Protestant or East-West points of view. Furthermore, Juseb neither belongs to -nor is trying to start- a religious organization, nor even a religious study group.

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A GREAT ebook discussing St Paul's sad compromise...

The Book of Acts records how Paul returned to Jerusalem defying multiple warnings of the Holy Spirit. There, he compromised what Jesus had taught him, in order to please the elders of the Hebrew Christians led by James -the Lord's brother-. Don't make the same mistake!

Paul And James

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